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Sub-Committees & Projects

The following sub-committees have been formed to address hot topic and critical issues related to CCCApply. Click here for details on each committee.

  • CCCApply Residency Algorithm & Issues Review
  • Admission Application Issues for Non-Credit Programs
  • Alignment Between Majors, Terms, and Ed Goals in CCCApply
  • New CCC Administrator 2.0 Requirements
  • CCCApply 3.0 Requirements
  • Gender & AB620 Issues
  • 2016 CACCRAO Session on OpenCCCApply Issues
  • California College Promise Grant (formerly the BOG Fee Waiver) Application Revisions
  • B.A. Degrees in CCCApply
  • 2017 CCCApply Workshop

About Steering Sub-Committees

CCCApply Sub-Committees — or focus groups — are formed at the discretion of the Steering Committee and must adhere to the constitution of CCCApply and its bylaws. Sub-committees support the product manager and development team by:

  • Conducting research and interpreting state and federal guidelines and legislation
  • Ensuring the residency algorithm in CCCApply is current and compliant with state residency rules and regulations
  • Providing support as subject matter experts on issues such as military and foster youth eligibilities, citizenship status, California residency, and more
  • Supporting the product manager in gathering functional requirements for change requests and new features

Stay Informed!

Progress updates will be posted regularly on — the new 24/7 online, on-demand, communication and support site for CCCApply colleges users. To get auto-notifications by email, be sure to "Follow" the CCCApply and CCCApply System Alerts category pages.