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Sub-Committees & Projects

Current sub-committees for 2019 include the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup and the International Application Advisory Committee. Click here for details on each committee.

About Sub-Committees

Advisory committees (aka sub-committees, review boards, focus groups) may be formed at the discretion of the CCCApply Advisory Committee and should adhere to the constitution of CCCApply and its bylaws.

CCCApply Advisory Committee members are requested to volunteer to serve on one or more committees in areas that best suit his/her experience or subject matter expertise (SME).

Advisory committees assist in the research, design, development, and maintenance of the CCCApply suite of applications and admin systems by providing support and guidance in areas of special focus and general business requirements.

CCCApply advisory committees will provide focused support and guidance in the following ways:

  • Support the CCCApply product manager and development team with gathering requirements, providing user feedback, and testing support
  • Conduct research and interpret state and federal guidelines and legislation
  • Ensure residency algorithm in CCCApply is compliant to state residency rules and regulations
  • Provide support as subject matter experts on issues such as military, homeless youth, foster youth, U.S. citizenship, California residency, etc.
  • Gather requirements for new features and new versions of CCCApply applications

Stay Informed!

Progress updates will be posted regularly on — the 24/7 online, on-demand, communication and support site for CCCApply colleges users. To get auto-notifications by email, be sure to "Follow" the CCCApply and CCCTC System Alerts category pages.