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During the implementation process, the CCCApply implementation team will work directly with your project team from the overview meeting to deployment. The support team can be contacted directly via email or phone regarding any aspect of your implementation. A project checklist will be created on a Google spreadsheet to track real-time questions and stay up-to-date on the status of project tasks.

NOTE: After your college is live on the CCCApply application, all technical support requests should be made through the college support site:

Administrator & Report Center Training

Training to use the CCCApply Administrator & Report Center is provided as part of the implementation project. The Tech Center support team will work with your staff to leverage the tools and features built into CCCApply, such adding supplemental questions (available in the Standard & International Applications) to collect custom data fields, using the campaign tracking fields to monitor recruitment and enrollment campaigns, and configuring Email Rules for communication and outreach based on student response data.

Understanding the Residency Algorithm

Additional training is available upon request for colleges that are new to using CCCApply for preliminary residency determination. Learn how the four areas of the CCCApply residency algorithm are calculated (Citizenship, Stay and Intent, Military, Special Eligibilities) and how they trigger integrity flags to determine the student's overall Residency Status based on the application term residency determination date (RDD).

Schedule training for these features and services:

  • CCC Report Center
  • Using the CCCApply Administrator
  • Setting up Supplemental Questions and creating custom downloadable data fields
  • Using Email Rules for outreach and messaging
  • Understanding the Residency Algorithm in the Standard Application
  • Understanding the Financial Aid Flag
  • Understanding the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOG Fee Waiver) Submission Calculation logic
  • Helping students understand and complete the application(s)

Report Center Training

Once your IT project is underway, contact the implementation team to schedule CCC Report Center training for your staff. All training is delivered online (via Zoom) and sessions are scheduled for 60 or 75 minutes. Basic training includes working with your staff to ensure they are comfortable running public (template) reports and using the Application Look-Up reports (looking up a single application displaying all application responses). Advanced training includes the following topics:

  • Creating new ad hoc reports and views
  • Customizing public reports
  • Creating crosstab reports (aggregated data)
  • Converting reports into charts and crosstab reports
  • Using filters, groups and measures

To schedule training, contact Merrie Wales, CCC Tech Support,

CCCApply Implementation & Training Team

Patty Donohue, Product Documentation and Communications
(530) 228-2446

Merrie Wales, Support Technician

Enabling Services