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Overview Meeting

Implementation of CCCApply begins with an online project overview meeting with the CCCApply implementation team. The purpose of this meeting is to review the high level technical and operational tasks of the project and discuss the unique needs of your college and student population which should be considered as you move to a new admission application.

We encourage a variety of different college stakeholders to particiate in the overview meeting, including the Admissions Director, IT Director, researchers, counselors, administrators from Financial Aid and other student services departments. Though it is the responsibility of the college to assemble their project team, however, we recommend that communication with support services begins right away. To schedule a project overview meeting, contact Patty Donohue, Product Documentation and Communications, at

Want to submit a test application in the Pilot environment? See Pilot Environment.

IT Checklist Meeting

The IT Project Checklist meeting is the final review of the technical and operational tasks of the project. At least one IT checklist meeting is required to be held at least 2 weeks before you plan to go live with the application to students.

It is highly recommended that you review the IT Checklist as soon as you start your implementation project and continue to use it, along with the other implementation documents, to track project tasks, dependencies, and key dates, throughout the project.

California College Promise Grant & International Application Projects

Once you have deployed the CCCApply Standard Application, the California College Promise Grant (formerly the BOG Fee Waiver) and International projects are less extensive from a technical implementation perspective. Many of the tasks completed during the Standard Application project do not need to be repeated for the California College Promise Grant or International projects, including:

  • The Shibboleth IdP is already setup, which provides SSO (single sign on) access to the CCCApply Administrator & CCC Report Center, to both the Pilot and Production environments
  • There is only one Administrator & Report Center for all three applications (though user accounts must be set up for each application)
  • There is only one Download Client for all three applications (though separate download Format & Job XML files must be created for each application)
  • Your college branding image is in place for all applications
  • The MOU is signed and executed
  • Your staff is registered for accounts on (though this is a task on each project checklist to ensure new staff are aware)
  • There is only one CCC Helpdesk and your staff has the contact information (though this is a task on each project checklist to ensure new staff are aware)


In addition, much of the same functionality already implemented in the Standard Application can be re-used in the International Application, such as leveraging the integrated email and error message Rules to notify students about campus programs and services, and using the Supplemental Questions for institutional research and MIS compliance. ​

However, project overview meetings are required for each application. To schedule a BOG or International overview meeting, please contact Patty Donohue, Product Documentation and Communications,

MOU Contract

All colleges must have a signed and executed MOU on file before beginning the Standard Application implementation project. To find out more about the MOU, please contact the Enabling Services College Relationship Managers at

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not terminate your Xap contract before you complete your CCCApply implementation. Once you are live on the CCCApply Standard Application you can safely give Xap your 90-day notice.