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Deployment Process

Going live with the CCCApply Standard Application requires coordination with the development team to complete the final migration to the production servers and testing, as well as coordination with the CCC Helpdesk, to ensure your students will be supported once you start accepting applications through CCCApply.

Deployment has two phases: Pre-deployment technical tasks and post-deployment operational tasks. 

Pre-Deployment Technical Tasks

  • Work with the implementation team to coordinate the move of your IdP certificate and keystore artifacts to the production server with the development team. This must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of your "Go Live Date". Once migration is complete, testing in the Production environment may begin.  
  • Schedule the final checklist meeting with the implementation team to ensure all development and deployment tasks have been completed, tested, and communicated to stakeholders.
  • Schedule your "Go Live Date" with the implementation team to ensure the CCC Helpdesk and support services can prepare for your move to the new system.
  • Communicate the details of your deployment to stakeholders, including college Admissions, IT and support services staff, as well as any other stakeholders involved in supporting students through the application process.
  • Ensure all recruitment and marketing materials have been updated with the new Application URL and CCC Helpdesk information;
  • Ensure Admissions, IT and college support staff have registered for accounts on and know how to request technical support;
  • Ensure Admissions, IT and college support staff have been trained to use the application and the staff tools;
  • Ensure all local high schools and feeder schools are notified in advance of your deployment.

Post-Deployment Operational Tasks

‚ÄčIMPORTANT: There are several deployment activities that the CCC Support Services team must perform on the date and time your college is scheduled to go live; therefore it is very important that you stick to your pre-determined go live date or communicate any change to the implementation team as soon as possible. The synchronization of deployment activities is important to ensure that the CCC Helpdesk knows which application your student is completing if they call in for support. 

Below are the tasks that are completed by the CCC Helpdesk on the DATE AND TIME you plan to go live to students:

  • Update your college information in the APPLY NOW drop down menu on the homepage.
  • Update your college information in the HELP drop down menu on the Help page.
  • Update your college information in the CCC Heldesk system for the Xerox Support Call Center.
  • Update any California College Promise Grant (formerly BOG Fee Waiver) application links on the Money page of the website.
  • Conduct an audit of your college website to ensure all legacy application URLs are identified and disabled;
  • Xap Users Only: On the date and time of your deployment, close any open terms in the Xap system to ensure no overlap of systems.