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2015 CCCApply Workshop

Workshop Presentations
March 31, 2015 - Sacramento City College

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  BOG Fee Waiver Implementation Session

Explore the BOG Fee Waiver application IT project and learn from early adopters Los Rios CCD on their experience standing up the new application.  We'll review the new 2015-2016 requirements and how to read and understand the BOG data dictionary and form specifications.  

Presenters: Kris Backus, Los Rios CCD;  Patty Donohue, CCC Technology Center

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  Looking Ahead: CCCApply Updates

Discuss recent and upcoming changes to the OpenCCCApply applications, from bug fixes, to residency algorithm updates, and new features. This is your chance to understand the changes made during the March 27 Update and see what's in hopper for the next release.  This session is also an opportunity to provide feedback and submit ideas for changes as we move into the next fiscal year.

Presenters: Patty Donohue, CCC Technology Center

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  The CCCApply Residency Algorithm

Ideal for Admissions staff with residency experience, this session explores the residency algorithm built in to CCCApply and how the preliminary residency status is calculated.  Hear from experts about how the algorithm was developed and how it has been adapted over the years to meet changing rules, Ed Code, and other legislation.  We'll also explore the OpenCCCApply Data Dictionary(s) and how to read the data elements, form specifications, and the residency logic.

Presenters: Robin Armour, Los Medanos College; Arleen Elseroad, Irvine Valley College

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session: Introduction to CCCApply

Geared towards new users and those colleges that have not yet implemented OpenCCCApply.  This introductory session will demonstrate the OpenCCC Account Creation process (CCCID), account recovery, and the My Applications page. We will also review each of the three OpenApply applications including the CCCApply Standard Application, the new BOG Fee Waiver Application, and a preview of the new International Application.

Presenters:  Patty Donohue, CCC Technology Center

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  CCCApply Keynote:  Chancellor's Office Updates

Presenter:  Mia Keeley

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  Administrator & Report Center

This two-part session will focus on the advanced features of the CCC Administrator and the CCC Report Center and how to leverage the most out of these administrative tools.  In the Administrator we will walk through the process of configuring email rules and messages, including how to select certain subsets of applicants to receive specialized emails (for example, non-residents, potential AB540 students, or student athletes).  In the Report Center we will explore advanced features including using the relative date filter for scheduling recurring reports and creating custom reports using Ad Hoc Views.  We will also demonstrate the new "District User Account" for running reports on multiple college data.  

Presenters: Mitchell Leahy, Santa Rosa Junior College;  Benjamin Baird, American River College;  Tuyen Nguyen, Santiago Canyon College

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  Institutional Reporting Requirements and CCCApply

This session will focus on how OpenCCApply has informed research and reporting at Los Rios CCD, one of the early adopters.  We'll discuss some of the opportunities and challenges that CCCApply brings to federal and state reporting requirements, and upcoming requirement changes that may impact the application in the future. 

Presenter: Betty Glyer-Culver, Los Rios Community College District.

2015 CCCApply Annual Workshop

Session:  Statewide Initiatives: Community Colleges

Geared for all attendees, hear an update on the progress of the various statewide initiatives for the California Community Colleges, including the Education Planning (EPI), the Common Assessment (CAI), and the Online Education (OEI) initiatives and how OpenCCCApply plays a critical role in their evolution. 

Presenter: David Shippen, Program Manager, Education Planning Initiative

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