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CCCApply Standard Application

CCC GraduatesThe new standard application is faster, friendlier, and more secure than ever before.

Owned and operated by the California Community Colleges, the CCCApply online application to college represents our commitment to excellence in admissions technology and improved centralized services for our ‚Äčstudents and our colleges.

Residency Algorithm

The standard application includes a unique, proprietary residency algorithm that calculates a "preliminary residency status" once the student submits an application for admission. The logic is written to meet state, federal and systemwide residency requirements and is governed by the CCCApply Steering Committee. Integrity flags are used to alert college users to factors contributing to the final Residency Status calculation. 

For more information on the CCCApply residency algorithm, see Appendix A: Submission Calculation Service of the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary.  Download the latest version from the Data Dictionaries page on the CCCApply Public Documentation page.

Download the Brochure

Streamlined Application Process

Tabbed Interface: Intuitive page tabs promote easy navigation between pages of the application.

Lightning Fast School Finder: A lightning fast High School & College Finder greatly increases accuracy in providing the college with viable school codes and reduces hand entry of schools.

CCCApply account review screenshotConditional Questioning: For students, the application seems far more manageable as they are only presented with questions they need to answer.

Review Application: Students can now review their application data just before submitting, helping to identify, and correct any errors.

Social Security Number Messages: Students are messaged about the importance, and encouraged in different areas of the account setup and application, to provide their SSN which greatly assists the college in managing students records and facilitating financial aid.

Security on Public Computers: Account timeouts now help protect users that forget to sign out. In addition a PIN question will be used to re-verify users before sensitive activities such as printing an application.


  • Significant cost savings
  • Powerful reporting and queries
  • Matching data downloads
  • Enhanced security questions
  • Digital signatures
  • Security for public computers