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CCCApply Noncredit Application

CCCApply Noncredit ApplicationA Simpler Path to Enrichment

A shorter, more streamlined, mobile-friendly process for students enrolling exclusively in noncredit courses at California community colleges is now available.

The new CCCApply Noncredit Application does not contain citizenship, residency, or military status questions. That reduces time to apply by half compared to the Standard Application, which takes less than 15 minutes to complete on average.

Designed to leverage the existing technical infrastructure of the CCCApply Standard Application, the Noncredit Application is an optional workflow with a distinctly separate URL. The majority of the admin configuration, implementation, and data downloads is already setup within the existing CCCApply Standard Application configuration.

Why Noncredit?

Existing California education code requires residency determination for every student at the time of admission to a California community college. However, the recently passed Assembly Bill 3101 exempts students seeking to enroll exclusively in career development, college preparation, and other noncredit courses from residency classification requirements.

Key Benefits for Students:

  • Shorter, more streamlined version of the Standard Application workflow
  • Does not ask questions related to residency, citizenship, or military status
  • Noncredit students may reapply for credit courses using the Standard Application for the same term, same college
  • CCCApply auto-population feature makes reapplying for credit courses easier and faster

Key Benefits for Colleges:

  • Unique URL customized for each college
  • Same admin configuration, reporting tools, and downloads process as the Standard Application
  • Option to display Majors/Programs of Study and supplemental questions that are different from the Standard Application
  • Option to display or hide Needs and Interests questions

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