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CCCApply Communication Policy

Product-Manager-Communication withBefore a change is developed, tested, and released to the Pilot or Production environment, CCCApply will notify colleges and provide documentation for the change specification.

30 / 60 / 90-Day Notice

CCCApply is committed to providing colleges with 30-90 days advanced notice on all production level releases, giving college IT staff as much time as possible to prepare for changes that may affect downloads, residency classifications, or business operations and reports.

60-Day Notice

Changes that affect the residency algorithm or the data download file will be communicated to colleges 60-90 days prior to the production release. Colleges will be notified by email as well as by way of the CCC College Support Site through 2016. (Note: It is the objective of the CCC Tech Center to move all incoming and outgoing technical support and systems information to the CCC Support Site. All CCC college admins and staff are encouraged to register for an account on the Support Site now, which will eventually be the single point of incoming and outgoing communication between the colleges and the CCC Technology Center. Updates to documentation, including Data Dictionaries and User Guides, will be posted in theDocumentation page on this website.


Technical incidents that pose a risk to the application or the user, may require an immediate hotfix release. In these cases, users may not receive much advance warning. Depending on the nature of the issue or incident, the Tech Center endeavors to provide colleges with as much advance warning as possible before the production release. In these cases, CCCApply will post an alert on the CCCTC System Alerts category page on the College Support site. (NOTE: This does not apply to changes that affect residency logic or downloads, which fall under the 90-Day Notice policy.)

30-Day Notice

Legislative mandates that cannot wait for a scheduled annual update (March) or supplemental release (September) may result in a High Priority release. Bugs that impact data quality or impede the application process may be prioritized higher (Major, Critical or Urgent) and released sooner than the standard release schedule (March, for annual update, and September, for supplemental releases).

For more information about the CCCApply Communication Policy, please search for FAQs or post a question on, the new support site for CCCApply.