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Graduates reaching for the skyAnnual Update

NOTICE: The CCCApply 2018 Annual Update was released to the Pilot environment on June 28, 2018. Learn more about the release activities & implementation schedule.

Each year in early spring, the CCCApply Standard & International admission applications are updated in an "Annual Update Release", traditionally scheduled during a low-volume application period (end of March). In 2012, the OpenCCC Student Account System was launched and included in the CCCApply Annual Update release schedule.

During the 30-day preview period, the Pilot site code will not mirror the Production Applications code; all other times throughout the year, it will. Find out more about the CCCApply Pilot Site and the 30-Day Preview release.

The Annual Update typically includes: high-priority state, federal, and systemwide legislative mandates, new feature enhancements, bug fixes, and approved change requests — prioritized and developed throughout the previous year.

Pre-release notes summaries are posted in the CCCApply Public Documentation site.

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The Annual Update is announced to colleges at least 60 days in advance through CCC admin listservs, TechEDge newsletters, email campaigns, CACCRAO members, and the CCC College Support Site:


Governed by the CCCApply Steering Committee, requests for changes to the applications — from small text changes to new data fields — follow an established change approval process, which results in an approved, deferred, or declined vote, based on overall need, available resources, and level of priority (i.e., number of students that will benefits from the change, etc.).

Approved change requests must receive an "Approve" or "Yes" vote from seven (7) Steering Committee districts — one member representative from seven unique CCC districts — before moving forward in the change approval process. The CCCApply Steering Committee meets every other month to hear new change requests and discuss legislative mandates from the CCCCO that may affect the CCCApply applications.