CCCApply Standard Application ScreenshotThe new standard application is faster, friendlier, and more secure than ever before. Now 100% owned and operated by the California Community Colleges, the new CCCApply online application to college fully represents our commitment to excellence in admissions technology and improved centralized services for our â€‹students and our colleges.  

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Streamlined Application Process

Tabbed Interface: Intuitive page tabs promote easy navigation between pages of the application.

Lightning Fast School Finder: A lightning fast High School & College Finder greatly increases accuracy in providing the college with viable school codes and reduces hand entry of schools.

Conditional Questioning: For students, the application seems far more manageable as they are only presented with questions they need to answer.

Review Application: Students can now review their application data just before submitting, helping to identify, and correct any errors.

Social Security Number Messages: Students are messaged about the importance, and encouraged in different areas of the account setup and application, to provide their SSN which greatly assists the college in managing students records and facilitating financial aid.

Security on Public Computers: Account timeouts now help protect users that forget to sign out. In addition a PIN question will be used to re-verify users before sensitive activities such as printing an application.



  • Significant cost savings

  • Powerful reporting and queries

  • Matching data downloads

  • Enhanced security questions

  • Digital signatures

  • Security for public computers 




Developed by the California Community Colleges Technology Center (CCCTC), CCCApply is operated by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and governed by the CCCApply Steering Committee.  

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Improved Support Services
  • MIS Integration
  • Eliminates Duplicates
  • Safe and Secure
  • User-Friendly Administrator
  • Automated Reporting

Intuitive Interface

The clean look of the user interface, and the easy feel of the intuitive tab-based navigation system, are enhanced by an intelligent conditional questioning format that hides unnecessary questions and verbiage unless it specifically applies to the student. Page completion indicators tell the student if they have completed a page or not, and the Final Review gives the user time to review their information completely before submitting their application. For Spanish speaking students, a built-in hover help feature provides translation throughout the application.

  • Tab Navigation
    Intuitive page tabs promote easy navigation between pages of the application.
  • Conditional Questioning
    For students, the application is easier to manage when they are only presented questions they need to answer.
  • School Finder
    A lightning fast, "search as you type" high school and college finder-feature increases accuracy in providing the college with viable school codes and correctly spelled school names.
  • OpenCCC Account Data Integration
    Students need only verify their personal account information and it is automatically included into their application. This reduces errors and tedium in reentry.
  • Social Security Number Encouragement
    Students are messaged about the importance, and encouraged in different areas of the account setup and application, to provide their SSN or TIN which greatly assists the college in managing student records and facilitating financial aid.
  • Review Application Page
    Students can now review their application data just before submitting their applications, thus reducing errors to A&R.
  • Eliminates Duplicate Records
    Unique OpenCCC accounts eliminate duplicate records saving time and errors for Admissions, IT and college management systems.


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Superior Support Services

Designed for student success, CCCApply has all new support services including an improved OpenCCC call center and an online on-demand, community-powered support site with official FAQs and peer feedback for students as they apply to college and navigate the community college system. 


OpenCCC Help Desk  

To ensure our students get the accurate and immediate support they need when applying to college, CCCApply has partnered with ACS/Xerox to provide world-class, professional telephone support with a 95% customer satisfaction rate. The other guarantees assured by ACS/Xerox: 

  • Answer in 30 Seconds or Less
    ACX Xerox has guaranteed that a human service representative will answer 80% of support calls in 30 seconds or less and resolve 85% of all first-time caller issues. 
  • Self-service and Easy Password Recovery
    User self-service account recovery removes frustration and helps students reuse existing accounts eliminating duplicate records to colleges.
  • Support for Admission & Records
    Call center support increases communication with students, sends referrals back to A&R, and lessens the demand on the college's helpdesk. 
  • CCCHelp.Info
    An online, on-demand, support community with a scalable knowledge base that addresses common questions in areas such as Admissions, Financial aid, Transfer, etc. community forum reduces phone calls to A&R and other college departments, and also promotes dialogue about problems and ideas encouraging continuous improvement in CCCApply and other systems.


OpenCCC is the CCC federated identity initiative developed by the CCC Technology Center. OpenCCC allows staff and students access to web-based technology applications across the system via one common single sign-on account. OpenCCC operates within the InCommon Federation along with CSUConnect (California State University), UCTrust (University of California), institutions, government entities, and companies across the US.

  • The CCCID 
    When an OpenCCC account is created by a user, a unique identifier is created called the CCCID and stores the user's personal identification data in an Identity Center. The CCCID is the master link between the Identity Center, admission applications,  and other systemwide services. When users are authenticated to use a systemwide service or application, the CCCID will be passed to the service to identify the unique individual. In this way services and applications can maintain personal accounts for the user anonymously, thus ensuring privacy for the user.
  • MIS Data Integration 
    The CCCID can also be used to pass unique individual identity information between the college's MIS system and the Chancellor's office for reporting purposes.

For more information student identity protection, see Tech>nology: ID Security For Systemwide Apps (Tim Calhoon, Director, CCC Technology Center,Tuesday, 19 October 2010).

Enhanced Security & Privacy

Designed for efficiency, the new CCCApply application is also more secure than ever before.  OpenCCC safeguards student identity information and delivers maximum protection through enhanced security measures, including requiring a SSN, unique PIN, additional security questions, and a monitored password recovery system that requires management level authority to reset account information.  

  • Federated Identity
    Staff uses their own college account to authenticate into CCCApply. In this way if staff leaves, access to CCCApply is shut down with their college account deactivation. This eliminates forgotten accounts that create FERPA issues. Learn more about federated identity: Tech>nology: Federated Identity - Part 1 (Tim Calhoon, Director, CCC Technology Center, Tuesday, 04 May 2010).

  • Encryption of Data at Rest
    Student Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored in a hardened data center with 24/7 threat monitoring and security audit. Sensitive data such as SSN’s is encrypted at rest.

  • Encrypted Data Transport
    Only secure web services that incorporate financial industry level security are used to send and receive sensitive student data.

  • Enhanced Security Questions:  Well crafted security questions for each OpenCCC account increases the chances that students can recover their account if they have forgotten their password.

  • Security for Public Computers
    Account timeouts now help protect users that forget to sign out. In addition a PIN question will be used to re-verify users before sensitive activities such as printing an application.

  • Digital Signatures
    Each submitted application is digitally signed with public key encryption ensuring data integrity and attribution to one student.